Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Learn Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy to gain peace and safety of minor passengers

Traveling with children may be challenging, and it can be even more difficult if they are traveling alone. Your primary responsibility as a parent is to ensure your child’s safety and comfort while traveling. The Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor service, which is intended for youngsters under the age of 14, serves as a buffer in such circumstances. In order to understand how unaccompanied minor rules safeguard the safety of young travelers, let’s start with them.

What requirements need to be made to gain Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service?

Minor passengers traveling alone are provided with peace of mind by the well-known US airline, which makes sure they reach their destinations with pleasure. Parents can opt for the unaccompanied minor service on Delta Airlines. For this, they need to satisfy the following clauses:

  • The unaccompanied minors are to be between the ages of 5 and 14.
  • Minor passengers must have a verified flight reservation from authorized channels.
  • According to the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy, the route must be nonstop, or one-stop if your destination does not offer direct flights.
  • The minors need to travel with an adult who will drop them off at the departure gate and pick them up at the arrival gate.
  • For a smooth transition, they need to carry all necessary documents. The airline may ask for additional health records.

What documentation should the minor carry while flying with Delta Airlines?

When it comes to minors traveling with Delta, having the right documents is crucial for a seamless experience. These documents’ requirements will vary depending on minors traveling destinations and other factors.

Unaccompanied Minors Traveling Without parents

Children flying alone with Delta as unaccompanied minors need to meet these documentation requirements:

  • Young travelers below 15 traveling solo should carry an original or copy of their birth certificate or another government-issued ID indicating their name and date of birth.
  • They need to present a government-issued photo ID, like a passport or authorized papers.
  • A notarized letter of consent from a parent or legal guardian is required, granting permission for the child to travel alone.
  • They need to share a documented letter with contact details for both the parents and the person picking up the child at the destination.

Minors Traveling with one parent

If a minor is traveling with one parent or legal guardian, they might need to present documents discussed here:

  • A notarized letter from the non-traveling parents granting permission for the child to travel.
  • In case the non-traveling parents are deceased, a copy of the death certificate could be necessary.
  • In such cases where non-traveling parents have exclusive custody, a copy of the court order granting custody might be required.

Minors Traveling with both parents

When both parents are accompanying the child, no extra documentation is needed beyond the child’s government-issued photo ID or birth certificate. If you are between the ages of 5 and 14 years old, you are considered to be an unaccompanied minor by Delta Airlines. However, you can explore the world without any hard documentation with your parents.

Above-discussed documents are particularly important due to the airline’s specific policies regarding unaccompanied minors and children traveling with no, only one, or both parents. You can avail more information about it through Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Phone Number 800 325 8847.

Unaccompanied Minor Service for International Travel

Though primarily available for domestic flights, Delta permits unaccompanied minors on specific international routes. However, children under 5 years old cannot travel alone, even on domestic flights.

The Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy states that younger passengers aged under 14 will need to be at the destination at least three to four hours prior to the scheduled departure. Availability of the unaccompanied minor service varies by route.

Delta Airlines offers Unaccompanied Minor service on select international and domestic flights. To reserve your journey contact the designated team at Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Phone Number 800 325 8847.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fees

Traveling alone can be intimidating, especially for children. The minor service for individuals without a companion offers a remedy for this issue, though it comes with a cost. Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fees encompasses the additional supervision and assistance provided to unaccompanied minors.

The cost of unaccompanied minor service on international and domestic flights is outlined in the fare regulations. However, on most routes, Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fees are an additional expense, separate from the airfare and other associated fees, amounting to $150 each way per child.

How to reserve Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service at home?

To secure Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service at home, you will need to visit the official website or dial the designated number, and execute the steps discussed here:

  • Get connected with the team through Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor phone number 800 325 8847.
  • Listen to the prompt and choose the service you are looking for.
  • Share the required credentials to get connected to the unaccompanied minor service reservation team.
  • The agent will check the availability and will book unaccompanied service on your behalf.
  • For this, the parents need to share a document such as a birth certificate, government-issued IDs, medical certificates, and other required records.
  • The agent will use the shared information and book the requested service.
  • At last, you will gain your e-tickets on registered IDs once you made the required payments. Keep the documents safe for future reference.

Important Notes:

  • During booking, choose the unaccompanied minor service option.
  • If the booking is done without this option, you can contact customer service to add it.

What services are offered under Unaccompanied Minor Delta Airlines Service?

Delta Airlines understands parents’ concerns; to address such concerns they offer unaccompanied minor facilities that cover aspects like:

  • Escorting the child by a dedicated crew member from the airport to the flight.
  • Boarding and deplaning assistance.
  • In-flight support, including check-ins and meal assistance.
  • Help with Delta Airlines unaccompanied baggage and meet the designated adult at the destination.

Precautionary Measures

For parents considering Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service, several steps enhance their child’s safety:

  • While booking the flight, choose the unaccompanied minor service option to ensure appropriate assistance.
  • If this service was not initially selected, you can contact Delta customer service to add it afterward.
  • Arrive early at the airport with your child to complete necessary procedures for unaccompanied minors.
  • Familiarize yourself and your child with the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy to understand the services and requirements.
  • Communicate with your child about their journey, including what to expect and emergency contact information.

Wind Up

It is crucial to take proactive steps when sending your child under the age of 14 on a Delta flight as an unaccompanied minor to ensure their safety and comfort. Booking the service in advance, providing accurate information, and preparing your child for the journey is key. With the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service, you can have confidence that your child is well-cared for.

The airline will implement every necessary measure that satisfies the happiness of parents and traveling unaccompanied passengers. To make the journey smooth as a breeze be mindful of clauses mentioned in the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy. Be with the safest airline and enjoy the glory of life with an open mind and heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor service entail?

Delta Airlines promotes an unaccompanied minor program that offers protection to children traveling alone between the ages of 5 and 14.

Is it possible for my child who is under 10 to use the unaccompanied minor service to change flights?

On connecting flights, the airline assists and maintains an eye on unaccompanied minors. So, be stress-free as your kids are in the safe hands of Delta Airlines.

What happens in the event that your flight is rescheduled or canceled?

Delta will give the unaccompanied minors all assistance needed to ensure their safety and welfare.

Is it possible for my youngster to have a seat on the flight close to a relative?

Unaccompanied children will be placed as close to a relative if at all possible. To enhance your chances, send the request in advance.

What items can minors bring with them on flights?

The minors are allowed to bring proper identification, travel papers, any required medicines, and some food.

Is identification required at the destination from the authorized person?

Yes. To ensure the safety of the youngster, whoever picks up the child must bring legal documents such as a consent letter and government-approved documents.

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