American Airlines Cancellation Policy

customer center in your own time. However, an unfortunate occurrence like illness may make traveling impossible for you. Fortunately, the AA cancellation policy is without doubt the friendliest to all the passengers.

Further, this brief blog will guide you on how to cancel your American Airlines flight booking. Therefore, read this to understand this process and other American Airlines cancellation policies.

What is the American Airlines Cancellation Policy?

American Airlines flight cancellation policy is a list of terms passengers must understand when revoking their reservation. Therefore, you must abide by these rules to qualify for a full or partial refund.

However, these terms apply to tickets bought on the website or by calling AA’s customer service.

American Airlines 24-hour Ticket Cancellation Rules

American Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy recognizes refundable and non-refundable flight bookings.Given this, you can get a refund if you nullify an air ticket within 24 hours after purchasing the flight.

Regrettably, American Airlines exempts this policy for all Basic Economy air tickets. Therefore, you have to fly on the scheduled day lest you lose your flight booking fee.

How to Cancel an American Airlines Air Ticket Online

American Airlines refund policy approves the following air ticket cancellation steps

I) Webpage ticket cancellation

You can resort to your AA mobile app or the webpage to cancel your American Airlines flight booking. These are the steps to follow to invalidate your AA ticket.

  1.   Go to the AA webpage.
  2.   Navigate to your trips section.
  3.     Type your surname and confirmation number.
  4.   Tap the ”Find Your Trip” option.
  5.   Select the trip you’d like to cancel
  6.     Next, click the ‘Cancel’ option

A small window will pop up if your online ticket cancellation was successful. This window will include the origin, destination, and American Airlines flight cancellation time.

II) Offline ticket cancellation option

A quicker option is to call the American Airlines cancellation phone number to engage a real customer service agent. Feel free to click option 7 for the phone service to connect you with a representative on standby.

Finally, you can chat with the agents on social media platforms: Twitter or Facebook. However, be patient because customer service might take a few minutes to respond to your query.

American Airlines Flight Cancellation Fees 2023

AA imposes a rational service charge on all tickets clients cancel after 24 hours. Currently, American Airlines charges nearly USD200 at most for each air ticket one cancels. As a rule, the carrier takes off this amount from the flight fee one pays when reserving the air ticket.

Other hidden charges, such as taxes, might apply, depending on your AA’s booking terms.

American Airlines Full Refund Policy

This policy applies when one nullifies their air ticket within 24 hours after booking it. Further, the rule dictates that you receive the funds to the exact payment option you explored when booking your American Airlines ticket.

Secondly, this rule recommends requesting a refund online or contacting customer support. Generally, American Airlines requires seven business days to complete processing your refund. However, you can visit the webpage to confirm your refund status.

Ensure you fill out your AA ticket number and surname and click the ‘’Search’’ button to know if the airline has processed your reimbursement.

What Happens When American Airlines Cancels My Flight without my Consent?

American Airlines can delay or cancel a flight under particular circumstances for the good of everyone. Common scenarios include:

  1. Extreme weather
  2. Security concerns
  3. Airplane’s mechanical issues
  4. Overwhelming flight schedule
  5. Insufficient passengers
  6. If the pilot falls sick

The airline will send out emails to alert them about the circumstances and the decision they have made. What happens when American Airlines cancels flights? Well, you can request a refund if you purchased a refundable ticket.

American Airlines Refund Policy for Canceled Flight Bookings

American Airlines refund policy reimburses passengers who cancel it before departure. However, the airline usually repays for refundable AA tickets. Conversely, the airline sends the refund for non-refundable tickets to eTicket.

You can use these funds to reserve an alternative American Airlines booking later. In some cases, American Airlines’ refund policy for canceled flights authorizes service agents to demand to know the reason for the ticket cancellation.

The American Airlines ticket refund policy considers the following circumstances.

  •  Death of the traveler
  • Sickness
  • Family emergency

For the most part, American Airlines deducts USD75 to USD200 before processing the reimbursement request.

How to Cancel an Award American Airlines Flight?

A passenger can revoke an award AA booking on the webpage in a few steps. Here’s the step-by-step procedure to cogitate about.

  1.   Log in to your AAdvantage account.
  2.   Click the need help link if you forgot your ticket details.
  3.   Tap the ‘Login’ button
  4.   Key in your ticket number, first and last names
  5.   Tap the ‘’Find Your Trip’’ button
  6.   Tap the ‘Cancel Trip’ button on the web page’s center menu
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