Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

Surprisingly, roughly 200 million local and international travelers book Delta air tickets as they have several sensible travel policies. For example, the Delta Airlines flight change policy authorizes a client to re-book a Delta flight at will.

Delta 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

Interestingly, Delta Airlines’ flight change policy grants one the freedom to nullify their booking shortly after buying it. Surprisingly, travelers who change a Delta flight within 24 hours don’t pay any service fee.

Surefire Ways of Changing a Valid Delta Airlines Booking

(i) Reaching customer service

Can I call Delta to book a flight? The thrilling news is that the Delta Airlines flight change number is active for passengers for 24 hours daily. The agent can guide you through the updated flight change process.

(ii) Online flight change

Passengers don’t have to call the Delta Airlines ticket change phone number to alter their booking. A better option is to go to Delta and locate the ‘Change Your Flight’ section.

(iii) Email customer service

You shouldn’t tense if you have no airtime to call the Delta Airlines flight change number. The flight modification policy lets one send an email to Delta Help Desk at [email protected]  

Delta Flight Change Fees

Delta Airlines flight change rules stipulate that a traveler can revoke a Delta flight for free within 24 hours after booking it. Does Delta charge to change a flight? Well, the airline will charge clients Delta Airlines flight change fees on any booking that each passenger cancels after this period.

Ordinarily, Delta charges about USD400 to change each Delta air ticket after 24 hours expires. However, the penalties might vary, hence the need to call Delta Airlines change flight phone number to your exact service fee.

Further, other charges like taxes and fare differences might apply if one books a different Delta Airlines reservation.

Changing Delta Airlines’ Flight Dates

Can I change the dates on the Delta flight? Fortunately, the Delta Airlines flight change policy gives you the green light to modify your flight dates to a later day. However, you can only do so if there are available flights on the Delta flight schedule.

Delta might charge you some Delta Airlines flight change fees if you do so after the 24-hour window expires. Don’t hesitate to demand a refund if you book a relatively less expensive Delta flight booking.

What Should a Traveler Do If the Online Delta Flight Change Option Fails?

Delta’s official website might be down if technicians are offering maintenance services. However, you shouldn’t worry if Delta change flight is not working as Delta gives multiple options. For example, you can dial the Delta Airlines flight change phone number to talk to an agent directly.


1. Can Delta Airlines Change my Valid Delta Flight Booking for Free?

Yes, it can! Delta Airlines’ change flight within 24 hours policy dictates that the carrier doesn’t levy a fee on flights canceled within this timeline. Therefore, the airline will transfer the flight booking fee to the new Delta air ticket.

2. How Much Will Delta Airlines Charge to Change My Booking after 24 Hours?

Delta Airlines will charge you a service fee of up to USD 400 to modify a Delta flight for you. Usually, the penalty amount depends on certain factors like travel class and the paid Delta flight booking fee. Ordinarily, Delta will subtract this amount from the flight fee.

Therefore, you might need to foot the fare difference if you book a more expensive Delta air ticket.

3. Can I Demand a Refund if Delta Changed my Flight Without my Consent?

Delta may charge a flight for various reasons, including weather changes or extreme passenger traffic. A passenger can request a refund for such a Delta air ticket. However, this rarely happens without customer support notifying the passengers on time.

4. What’s Delta Flight’s Change Policy on Passengers with COVID-19?

Delta Airlines’ flight policy COVID exempts travelers with COVID- from paying a service fee. However, the passenger must inform the help desk on time and submit supporting evidence. Today, this Delta Airlines COVID flight change policy applies to clients who book to sit in the main cabin or better travel classes.

The airline respect’s traveler’s confidentiality and thus doesn’t disclose any information to third parties.

5. Am I free to Change my Delta Flight if I Test Positive for COVID-19?

Yes, you can! However, you should call Delta Airlines change flight phone number to modify the ticket. A Delta agent will serve you and book the next available flight.

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