Air Canada Booking

Air Canada is an old carrier with the most sympathetic policies, including flight booking, cancellation, and ticket change procedures. For instance, you can reserve an Air Canada Airlines flight booking on the web page in your off-hours.

Please perk up, as this blog will reveal more information about getting cheap Air Canada flights and available holiday deals.

How to Get a Flight Booking on Air Canada’s Homepage?

Please use the following blow-by-blow procedure to buy a ticket on Air Canada’s webpage.

  •   Go to Air Canada’s homepage
  •   Tap the ‘’Flights’’ option
  •     Enter your departing and arrival cities
  •   Select reasonable travel dates from the online calendar
  •   Select the total passengers
  •     Tap the ‘Search flights’

Next, select a flight that suits you best before paying the applicable booking fee with your Visa or Debit Card. Customer support will email you a flight booking message with travel details, like your Air Canada Airlines booking number.

How to Book Air Canada Flights with Aeroplan Points

Air Canada has a travel program that helps its passengers earn points whenever they buy a ticket or shop with an Aeroplan card. You can buy an Air Canada booking if you have adequate Aeroplan points.

Please enable the ‘’Book with points’’ option on the online flight booking form to know the required total points to get the flight. You must fill up all the details for the system to filter out unrelated Air Canada Airlines flights.

How to Contact Air Canada’s Customer Service Directly

Let us understand the new options for contacting Air Canada’s helpline team. These include:

A   Social media

Air Canada has several credible social media pages on well-known platforms: Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, you can utilize these platforms to write to Air Canada’s customer service.

What are the legitimate Air Canada pages? You can visit the webpage and scroll to the bottom to click the Facebook or Twitter icons.

B   Homepage live chat

Customers can request Air Canada Airlines manage booking services through the carrier’s webpage. Please click the web live support icon on the bottom-right homepage section and pick an appropriate subject.

After that, you should type your query on the Air Canada live chat box to prompt a reply from customer care.

C  On Phone

This popular carrier has an active toll-free number that passengers can use to reach Air Canada Airlines customer service. For example, clients should call +1-514-393-3333 to seek assistance in purchasing Air Canada Airlines reservations.

Finally, Air Canada has many regional phone numbers that customers can use to contact the respective local office.

Air Canada Airlines Pet Booking Procedure

What’s the Air Canada Airlines booking pet travel procedure? Well, you should contact customer support 48 hours before your flight. The respective support team will get your flight details and add a pet to the ticket.

Each passenger can strictly bring one pet usually a young dog or a cat to the airplane. Further, you must arrive at your departing airport 0.5 hours earlier for check-in at the ticket counter.

Additional Air Canada Pet Travel Policies

  • Unaccompanied children cannot carry a pet to the cabin.
  • Air Canada does not allow pets in the Premium Economy section
  • Pet fare applies for one way for all passengers.
  • A per carrier should be breathable and have soft sides to guarantee the animal’s comfort.
  • You must ensure the pet container remains closed throughout your air travel.
  • A pet and its carrier’s total weight must be less than 45 kilograms.

Air Canada Pet Fare

Air Canada’s pet fee depends on one’s flight type and destination. For example, a local flight will trigger a pet fare of USD50. Conversely, an international Air Canada flight usually attracts a pet fare of at least USD 100.

Secrets of Buying Air Canada Airlines Cheap Tickets

Air Canada allows one to add a promotion deal on their webpage during online flight booking. Below are the steps for buying cheap Air Canada Airlines tickets.

  •   Visit Air Canada’s webpage.
  •   Enter all the flight details.
  •   Type your promotion code.
  •   Tap the blue ‘Search Flights’ button.

Air Canada Flight Change and Cancellation Policies

Surprisingly, you can change your Air Canada Airlines flight booking in 5 days for free. After that, a service charge can apply for a non-refundable Air Canada booking. You can change your ticket on the webpage or by phoning Air Canada’s help desk.

Similarly, this company has a refundability period 24 hours for all passengers with refundable Air Canada Airlines tickets. After this period, you must surrender at least USD 25 to annul your air ticket successfully.

Air Canada Vacation Deals 2023

Air Canada dreams up more vacation packages for clients to go to any holiday destination economically. For example, one can get a hotel and an Air Canada ticket on the same vacation package.

Similarly, you can get a package that includes accommodation and car hire on the same vacation deal.

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